Dental, Optometry, Audiology & Podiatry Services

Healthy Seniors Dental Program

Premier Washington Health Center offers a comprehensive mobile dental program to improve oral health and quality of life for our residents. This dental program was custom-created for seniors in residential care facilities so all protocols are tailored to the specific needs of geriatric patients.  It provides comprehensive on-site services encompassing the entire spectrum of oral care including:

  • Basic restorative care including, but not limited to, fillings, periodontal scaling and root planning, re-cementing crowns and extractions;
  • Digital x-rays and routine twice a year exams;
  • Dentures and denture care;
  • Routine checkups and cleanings; and
  • Exclusive Oral Health Maintenance Program, providing 4 additional oral hygiene support visits per year by an Oral Health Consultant.

Healthy Seniors Dental accepts and features an exclusive and proprietary comprehensive insurance program at no cost to the resident, family or facility.  In addition, Medicaid can be the payer source for certain situations.  Private pay and traditional dental insurance are acceptable.

In-Facility Vision Care Program

Premier Washington Health Center offers an on-site Vision Care Program for our residents that includes the following vision services:

  • Eye examinations;
  • Retinal photographs; and
  • Frames and lenses.

These services are provided using state-of-the-art portable equipment and there are no co-pays or deductibles.  There is also no net additional costs to qualifying Medicaid residents.

Audiology Services

Premier Washington Health Center offers an Audiology and Better Hearing Program for our residents. This program includes on-site audiology and hearing aid services. It also includes on-site management of ear wax.

Podiatry Services

Premier Washington Health Center offers on-site podiatry services for our residents.  These services include nail care and wound care for the feet and legs. 

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