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Welcome to
Premier Washington Health Center

Premier Washington Health Center is a leading rehabilitation and nursing facility located in Washington, Pennsylvania, in close proximity to all local hospitals.

Since 1977, this 288-bed facility has been providing a wide range of care services, including temporary respite, short-term rehabilitation and long-term skilled nursing. Premier Washington also offers a number of specialty care services, such as Dementia & Alzheimer and Adult Day Care programs.

In 2017, the Washington County Commissioners advocated a change in the facility’s county government ownership and management, in order to strengthen the facility’s long-term viability and care for future generations. To ensure the highest levels of care for current and future patients, the commissioners selected Premier Healthcare Management, a highly rated and experienced healthcare provider specializing in the management of short-term and long-term nursing facilities across a number of states.

Today Premier Washington Health Center is widely recognized for its high standard of care, its attractive, clean and welcoming environment, and its friendly and experienced staff.